Enrolment & Fees

The below rates apply to those parents who choose not to use the 20 hours free ECE: Please contact us for pricing details.


up to free 6 hours day/ 20 hours week

Full Day Session – 7.30-1730hrs

Maximum 10 hrs/Minimum 8 hrs

Weekly Care – 5 days week, 7.30- 1730hrs
Maximum 10 hrs day/Minimum 8 hrs day

Morning Session – 7.30am -12.30pm

Maximum 5 hrs/Minimum 3hrs

Afternoon Session – 1.00 pm-5.30 pm

Maximum 4.5 hrs/Minimum 3 hrs

Enrolment fee

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required on confirmation of your child’s enrolment.  (This is to enable staff to set up profile books etc).2 weeks notice is required for changes to a child’s booking.3 weeks notice is required when cancelling your child’s booking.

Frequency and penalties

Fees are payable fortnightly in advance. If fees are outstanding for longer than 3 weeks a 15% penalty fee will be added to your account.

If fees are outstanding for longer than 4 weeks your children’s enrolment may be terminated. All fees must be paid in full prior to leaving the centre. Any outstanding fees will be passed on to Baycorp for formal collection.  Any costs associated with recovery of the fees will be at your cost.

A late fee of $5 per 5 minutes may be charged if your child is not picked up by closing time or by your booked time. i.e. 5 minutes late = $5.00, 11  minutes late = $15


If a public holiday falls on a day that your child would normally attend the centre, the full fee is payable.  The Centre will be closed for two weeks over the Christmas period.  No fees will be charged over that period.  If 2 weeks notice of holidays is given to the Manager, only a 50% fee is payable to hold your child’s space open. A maximum of 3 weeks holiday can be taken in any year.

Sick days

Sick days are to be paid in full, with the probability of no make-up days.

Enrolment Form

Click here or on the grey button below to download an enrolment form.

Payment method

Burnham Country Montessori’s preferred method of payment is by direct credit.  The Bank account number can be obtained from the preschool office.