Montessori today

The Montessori materials and lessons developed by Dr Montessori have withstood the test of time. The skills developed and the progression from simple to complex, and concrete to abstract, meet the needs of children this century just as they did in Rome at the beginning of last century.

Traditional schools are embracing aspects of Montessori education, such as concrete learning materials, multi-age classes, involvement of the child in setting their own learning goals, teaching to meet individual needs and strengths, process-focused assessment, development of an integrated curriculum across subject areas, and a focus on the whole child.

Today there are about 7,000 Montessori schools worldwide.

Our philosophy

Our aim at the Burnham Country Montessori Pre-school is to bring out what is potentially within a child and to bring that child up to the highest possible intellectual, moral and cultural level.

We propose to develop each child’s independence, concentration, gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination, self esteem, social skills and awareness, intelligence, language skills and self-discipline, control and order.

We also aim to help develop each child’s whole personality and to cultivate the child’s natural love of learning and their inquisitiveness.