At Burnham Country Montessori we are committed to sustainability for the environment and teaching children about how to care and respect our environment. Some of the things we do to try to reduce the effects on the environment  are:

  • Recycling all used paper products
  • Use on line learning assessment porfolios, cutting down our printing and paper use
  • Recycling all our food scraps and garden waste to our  pig or compost bin
  • Waste free lunch boxes
  • Refilling all consumables from Bin Inn (wholesale bulk items to cut down on plastic waste)
  • Growing edible gardens and fruit trees
  • Flow restricers on taps to minimise water wastage
  • All waste water is recycled through an Oasis water treatment system to feed the boundary trees
  • Recycling undrunk water to water indoor and outdoor plants
  • Underground sprinkler system to minimise water wastage
  • Minimise our paper trail through the use of technology
  • Our furniture, equipment and resources are sourced locally where possible and are made out of natural products
  • Energy efficient appliances